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2 x Prepaid Support Hours (NFP customer)
$100.00 AUD One Time

Google Suite Support Service
$50.00 AUD Annually
Google offers free Google Suite for not for profit organisations, or paid Google Suite accounts for others (from AU$50 per annum per user). Not For Profit organisations can create up to 10,000 Google Suite users (as at Dec 2015).

We offer this plan to support Google Suite users who need some extra help from time to time with issues that may occur with their Google Suite service. We are not Google, but we can help to diagnose and advise on many potential issues.

For those who need us to help them set up this service, there is a once of $100 fee. If your domain is currently functioning on Google Suite, there is usually no requirement for help with setup.

Some customers may wish to transition an existing domain name to this service, or to register a new domain to use. Church and other Community Groups may be eligible to apply to for charity status to access free google apps.

The support is limited to up to 3 incidents a year where we need to actively diagnose an issue. This may involve remote support to a person's computer, or it may be identifying settings needed on a device to sync email etc, and help with setting up one or two client email addresses.

We would need access to the organisation's google suite dashboard. If we are listed as a additional contact on the google suite account, this is also usually very helpful.

We can assist in the various verification processes needed for charities needing help to setup.

DNS hosting is also included with this product (a necessity if using Google suite)

We can help with diagnosis and problem solving, but as Google suite is a 3rd party service, problems with infrastructure are in the hands of the provider.

Google Suite was previously known as Google Apps (name change occurred approx September 2016)